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Many men buy expensive watches without really understanding why they chose this replica Rolex classic watch - or realizing what their wrist candy will give to people around them. As the only piece of "jewelry" worn by many men, and usually the only one of them that truly describes the character, the importance of a suitable watch should not be underestimated. We asked experts, including the top luxury watch boutique and the founder of high-end replica Rolex Watch Paul Altelli. Eric Wind, noted vice president and senior expert at Christie's Watch at the auction house; New York designer Duncan Quinn is the creator of the "Savile Row-meets rock'n'roll" look; and the founder of the important retro watch mall Analog / Shift · James Lamdin will highlight the world's top ten watches, Rolex Cartier and other brands of the most classic watches and their expression of you.

Originally designed for divers, Rolex Submariner, endorsed by James Bond and Steve McQueen, is the most coveted watch in the world and is therefore the most frequently imitated replica watch. “The Rolex submariner means you are a person who appreciates the finest watchmaking craftsmanship and wants to convey a rough masculinity,” says Paul Altieri. "These days it doesn't really show that you are diving, but more importantly sportiness. This is a statement that some people will misunderstand the news, but Submariner wearers have no meaning if they don't have confidence - or at least hope to look confident. There are so many Wall Street people wearing them. Replica Rolex classic replica watch water ghost submariner One of the most expensive and difficult to use replica watches in the replica Rolex model, Daytona was originally designed for motorsport. A more complicated replica watch than Submariner, it is also very rare. "Paul Newman helped make Daytona famous, and few people have more natural, relaxed elegance than him," Paul Altri said. “It's really a 'tool' replica watch that is used to calculate speed and ensure that many racers - styled riders - wear it. But it also means that you have enough money and is superior to the Submariner crowd. It says 'I like the express train and the beautiful woman makes me feel very attractive. 'This is actually a replica watch.

Replica Panerai Classic Watch Luminor Luminor's elite underwater commando, originally supplied to the Italian Navy, has an impressive history but is considered by many to be a "fashion replica watches." It was not until 1997 that Panerais was sold to the public. "You may have bought Luminor just because you like its appearance," Altieri pointed out. “It's definitely different from any other watch. But Panerai's guys tend to appreciate the brand's history and the way it makes people different. Wearing a suit with Luminor says you have class and taste. But there is also a bad guy winning streak: 'You should think twice before messing with me.'"

Replica Patek Philippe classic watch Nautilus Pateks is known for being the most unique and expensive klockor kopior brand in the world. Nautilus was designed in the 1970s to be more sporty and edgy, and not so hot. “If you're wearing a nautilus, you're classic in design, but it's forward-thinking and has a hidden advantage. If you have a vintage on your wrist, you'll appreciate the simplicity and importance of such a replica watch. Sex. Early vintage models can also be a touchstone to test how a person believes around because they don't have a second hand to indicate that it is running.