A limited edition, stylish wooden luxury replica watch that puts your love for whisky on your wrist

Original Grain is an innovative American wooden fashion luxury watch manufacturer that works with Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon to enhance your wardrobe with a limited edition luxury watch made from a front bourbon barrel.

Here, Original Grain removes this sleek luxury replica watch from the park, using recycled wood from Jim Beam bourbon barrels. The watch is available in a limited edition for 500 retails for $499 - with a Miyota 8215 automatic movement, 21 jewels and 40 hours of power reserve. The elegantly textured wooden surface is accented with the Jim Beam logo, the 47 mm wooden surface and bezel with a 316L stainless steel case, and the steel and barrel wood chain combination defines the strap.

The exquisite movement means that the wooden luxury replica watch can be wound once like a traditional machine and then continue to maintain the wound through daily exercise. This watch features a rustic oak display case with a spare leather strap, branded flasks, branded coasters and tools to remove band-sized links (although it is highly recommended that you have a professional).

The Andrew and Ryan Beltran brothers began to pay attention to nature and Oregon's growth experience three years ago. Surfaces and barrels are hand-crafted from exotic woods of sustainable origin and combined with different proportions of steel fixtures and belts.

“People have been making all-wood watches for the past seven or eight years, but no one has combined wood and steel,” Ryan said. “We are looking for a brand and making something durable, and it is a better alternative fake IWC to the wood available at the time.”

Although this cooperation is more expensive (due to the automatic movement, the accessories in the box and the limited edition status), most watches retail for less than $200 on their site and elsewhere. The range includes wood, steel and leather combinations for men and women. It's the ultra-thin Minimalist series released earlier this summer, a new series featuring the company's first observatory, scheduled for release in September.

Original Grain previously produced a 47mm series called "Barrel" made from recycled American whiskey barrels. "This is a Marquis, and we put us on the map last year," Andrew said, and watches are one of their bestsellers. But this is their first signature cooperation.

One reason Bourbon is particularly suitable for this project is that, according to the law, oak barrels can only be used once to age the classic American whiskey. After that, they either sold other spirits such as scotch, rum or tequila, or turned into clever shelves and growers.

Jim Beam is a classic Kentucky bourbon name dating back to 1795, dating back to its origins (although the company is now owned by Beam Suntory, the brand's distiller and face, Fred Noe Is the great-grandson of Jim Beam. The brand emphasizes its tradition and authenticity, and today offers several expressions of whisky, including Black Extra Aged, which is implied by its name, which matures longer in oak barrels than brand anchors. Four years, Jim Beam white label.

Of course, emphasizing sustainability also has elements of feedback. For every luxury rolex replica purchased, Original Grain donates to the trees of the future, an organization that grows trees in Africa and elsewhere to provide food and livestock grazing sources and marketable fuels to the community.

“To some extent, this luxury replica watch is more sustainable,” Ryan said. “We are using wood that has been harvested for barrels and we are donating it to plant new trees.”