See the movement through the transparent case back

Many mechanical replica watches use a transparent back cover, allowing people to clearly see the internal structure of the watch movement, which also fully reflects the confidence of the watch maker, but people who have no specific knowledge of the watch even face a clear view of the movement.

When it comes to good replica watches uk, everyone will first think of Swiss watches. Most of the conventional models of mechanical watches made in Switzerland are equipped with ETA movements. There are lower-priced Tissot, and higher-priced TAG Heuer, IWC, Breitling, etc. The same type of movement may be used. So why is the price different with the same movement?

The reason is of course. The EAT movement is divided into grades. Even the ETA movement of the same model is divided into several grades. Under normal circumstances, the movement can be divided into four grades: standard, refined, top and observatory. How do you see the level of the movement?

Most of the watch movement plywood is made of copper, because copper has good machining properties, but it is relatively easy to oxidize. Rhodium plating can not only avoid the corrosion problem of copper when exposed to moisture, but also make the movement look more beautiful.

Commonly used replica watches shock absorbers are triangle shock absorbers, Yinjiabailu shock absorbers, and KIF shock absorbers. In general, fake watches or cheap watches with ETA movements will use triangle shock absorbers, regular mid-range watches will use Ingabriel shock absorbers, and the KIF shock absorbers used in top watches are actually rare in ETA movements.

The more common things in ETA movement polishing are decorative polishing, including polishing lines, patterns, and chamfers. Conventional sanding includes Geneva pattern, sun radiation pattern grinding and fish scale pattern grinding. The main observation is to see whether the polished texture is uniform, the depth is degree, and the radiation is soft.

The model number on the edge of the movement plywood is usually engraved with the words V8 or DM, due to the differences in the materials of the movement components, the surface treatment of the movement, the heat treatment, and the sensitivity to temperature. Before the V8 movement was mostly used in high-end watches, while the DM movement was mostly used in small brands and low-end brands; however, it is also said that brands under the SWATCH Group use V8 movement, while most other independent brands use ETA blank machines.оDM. Many independent watch brands will develop and manufacture their own movements that meet their own brand level.