Watch after-sales repair

Many practical watches now add luminous materials to allow people to read the time clearly from the dial in the dark, but there is a problem that always troubles people, that is, luminous materials are usually radioactive, so luminous Does the watch radiate?

The early watchmakers used a brush to luminous the dial without any protection, which caused them to get occupational diseases. The radium luminescence of the famous Blancpain Fifty Fathoms antique diving watch has gone through decades. Even now with a radiometer, the radiation has exploded. At the beginning, the US military replcia Rolex even covered the 50th sturgeon with the lettering "Radiation items, please return to the nearest military Base", so radium is gradually no longer used as a luminous material.

In 1949, Panerai began to use tritium as a material and applied for a patent for Luminor luminous technology, but this tritium is also a radioactive element. Although it is not as harmful to the human body as radium as a luminous material, it will still be exposed to extremely small amounts when wearing a watch. radiation. When the watch is removed, there is no direct radiation. This is why there has been a circumstance that "remove the luminous replica watches when you sleep at night".

There are still some brand watches that use tritium tubes. Tritium gas tube is coated with a thin layer of zinc sulfide on the inner wall of a glass tube, and then the tube is filled with tritium gas. The tritium gas in the tube will stimulate the zinc sulfide to continue to emit light, which can last for 20 years. Moreover, the greater the pressure of the tritium gas filled in the glass tube, the greater the brightness of the light. Of course, this technology also has radiation, but the luminous light that uses tritium materials as the excitation element actually emits very, very small radiation, which is equivalent to no. Its rays are hard to penetrate even the sapphire crystal. Even if the tritium trachea ruptures, the harm of tritium leakage to the human body is not worth mentioning.