Take you to understand the knowledge of replica watch movement

The quality of the movement directly determines the quality of a watch. The current movement not only needs to be stable and durable, but also indispensable for various complicated functions and beautiful decoration. Even the same movement is divided into many different grades.

It is well known that mechanical watches rely on the mainspring to provide power without the need for batteries. The wear and tear of a mechanical watch is the wear of its parts. It is said that if it is well maintained, it can be used for almost a lifetime, but a mechanical watch is afraid of magnetism, water, or falling, and heat, so it is difficult to use it for a lifetime.

The oscillating weight can be seen in a watch with a transparent back cover. The oscillating weight is a half-moon-shaped centrifugal block of a self-winding watch, located behind the movement. The movement of the replica watches is driven by the movement of the wearer's wrist, and the automatic rotor in the movement rotates under the action of gravity to provide power to the movement. The basic power of the self-winding movement is gravity. The gravity of the automatic oscillating weight keeps its center of gravity downward when it is at rest. When in motion, the inertia is transformed into rotation under the constraint of the axis. The running efficiency of the chain plays a decisive role.

Before rubies were discovered and used in mechanical clocks to improve the wear resistance of various running components, the escapement of the movement, the oscillating weight, and the rotating shafts of the gears in the wheel train were directly connected to the brass main plate or The splints are connected. During the movement of the fake watches movement, because of the high speed and large friction coefficient, the pressure on the splint by each rotating shaft is very large, which is easy to cause wear. At the same time, in the absence of any protective measures, dust in the air can easily penetrate into the movement. The tiny quartz particles mixed in the dust will cause serious wear on the gear shaft and transmission system, and even affect the life of the movement.