Wearing high gear replica watches has become fashionable

There are many levels of watch maintenance, from simple functions of hand-winding, automatic winding, alarm, sun, moon and stars, kinetic energy display, chronograph, double rattrapante chronograph, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, minute repeater, and self-sounding time. , Complicated function tables and super-complex tables integrating multiple complex functions. These are all repaired by professional technicians in different fields who have received professional training.


Foreign clocks and replica watches have flooded into the Chinese market with large quantities of world-renowned brands. There are dozens of top brands in the world, with prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. The world's top replica watches uk such as Patek Philippe, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, fake Rolex, Cartier, IWC, and Omega have greatly prospered the Chinese market and met the needs of the people. The ensuing after-sales service problems of commodities fully demonstrate the normal state of difficult maintenance and high prices. As there is no training mechanism for replica watch maintenance professionals in our country, there are very few high-level watch maintenance personnel, which brings a lot of inconvenience to people's consumption. This is determined by the law of market supply and demand. If the number of high-level maintenance personnel increases, the maintenance price of the watch will naturally decrease, and the service attitude will naturally improve.


All of this is okay, living standards have improved, and wearing high-end replica watches has become a fashion and collection craze. Some watch fans are worried because the maintenance costs are getting higher and higher. Not only are the maintenance costs of well-known brands in the hundreds, but they also continue to rise every year. If this continues, consumers will be burdened. Many watch factories were willing to provide parts to agents in the past; since the Patek Philippe brand refused to supply parts to agents a few years ago, many well-known brands have followed suit. In the end, most first-line brands in Switzerland refused to supply parts.


The most disadvantaged is the consumer. As long as the watch is faulty or the parts are damaged, it will be repaired by the agent. There is no manual or automatic fake watch with other functions, but the maintenance and washing oil, the repair cost is as much as 2,000, and the replacement parts are extra; if the perpetual calendar and the complicated function table, basically have to be sent for repair, the fee is high, and the time ; For top-level complication replica watches, the quality of the repair technicians in the existing watch repair market in Harbin is mixed, and it is acceptable to return to the original factory for repair, after all, it is a small number; but there are a few general function replica watches that are competent, such as prime time, Yuanda, Songlei and Huanyu fake watch repair shops do not necessarily have to send them for repairs. The high maintenance cost is very unfair to consumers. These watchmakers in Switzerland should learn from Rolex. Their repair costs are relatively fair, about 200 euros, and the time is very short. There are too many people who own high-end replica watches, and the cost of maintaining replica watches continues to rise in the future, which is indeed overwhelming for consumers. It seems that foreign watch factories not only make money by selling watches, but also make money by repairing watches. The author believes that service should be the goal; at the same time, it is the best policy to strictly train replica watches repair professionals in accordance with quality standards.


These watchmakers train professional watch repair technicians and send professional Swiss technicians to various provinces to train service technicians from agents. After the examination, those who pass the test can issue certificates to serve customers and ensure the quality of repairs. After a lapse of time, a new movement has been developed, and a special training before being put on the market is a great thing for manufacturers to benefit both themselves and others. If it is the repair center of those top famous watch distributors, the technicians in it will be sent to the foreign general factory for training, pass the exam, and receive the license before they can take the repair work in the repair center. In general, technicians in small-scale fake watch shops are not good at foreign languages. Besides, there are three official languages ​​spoken in Switzerland. They can understand French when they go to Geneva, and French is not as popular as English.