A practical and precise complication replica watch

Many mechanical replica watches provide a calendar function, but ordinary calendar functions need to be manually adjusted at the end of each month to ensure that the date display is accurate. By the end of the 18th century, the fake watch master Breguet invented the perpetual calendar device. Through exquisite gears, rockers and forks, the perpetual calendar can display the date correctly without the wearer’s manual adjustment. It can automatically jump even at the end of February each year (you can Except for hundreds of years divisible by 400). Although the perpetual calendar device has undergone many improvements in the past 200 years, it still needs a large number of precision rockers and fork levers to drive. The huge number of parts and complicated manufacturing techniques directly lead to the complex structure of the perpetual watch, the scarce output, and the high price, even with no market.

After the 1970s, mechanical watches were severely challenged by quartz watches, and Patek Philippe, whose mission was to revive the tradition of mechanical replica watches, launched the masterpiece Calibre 89 on the occasion of the brand's 150th anniversary, which sparked the public's enthusiasm for timepieces with complex functions. Patek Philippe hopes to use this as an opportunity to provide more customers with simple, practical and accurate complication replica watches. Therefore, the development of an annual calendar that can automatically identify 31-day and 30-day months to fill the gap between ordinary calendars and perpetual calendars has become a top priority for the brand. In view of this, Mr. Philip Stearns, then President of Patek Philippe, in the early 1990s instructed the company’s development department to design an annual calendar that was affordable, excellent performance, and easy to operate.

The initial idea of ​​replica Patek Philippe's developers and designers was to simplify on the basis of the perpetual calendar device in order to meet the requirements of the president. However, the reality is that their original design is difficult to achieve the original original intention. This made them realize that in order to design a calendar that meets expectations, they must break with tradition. This is not difficult to imagine, because in the nearly two hundred years after the birth of the perpetual calendar, no master watchmaker may have the same idea as Mr. Philip Stern, but before the birth of the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar, we have never heard of it. Similar functions. It can be seen that it is obviously not feasible to design a brand-new almanac according to the structure of a traditional mechanical calendar.

Although the annual calendar has achieved excellent sales results as soon as it was born, replica Patek Philippe has not stopped, but combined with its own extraordinary ability in watchmaking craftsmanship to launch many calendar models with other complex functions, thus forming a complete calendar. A series of timepieces to meet the needs of different customers.